DelwiGroenink believes it is important to contribute to a more sustainable world. We do this by using the energy we use as efficiently as possible. Our machine factory not only runs on our own sustainable solar energy, but we also use motion sensors, for example, to minimize energy use in our workshop and office.

Thanks to DelwiGroenink’s unique ‘Everything under one roof’ concept, you as a customer also make a responsible choice. Our concept makes logistics transport between different companies unnecessary, which ensures that you save not only time, money and risk, but also CO2 emissions!

Keep following our website to find up-to-date information about the energy that our solar panels generate!

Solar panels

In 2018, 2444 solar panels were installed on the roof of our business premises

100% Co2 neutral

We are fully self-sufficient in our energy consumption

Reduce your CO2 emissions

In-between transport is unnecessary at DelwiGroenink

100% own solar energy

Yield comparison (Last update: 31/12/2023)